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What the app does

Autophon (beta) is a free prototype web app that uses online forced alignment to convert an audio file and corresponding transcript into a time-aligned phonetic annotation that is readable in Praat.

Forced alignment is technology that uses neural networks to determine, for each phonetic segment of the transcript, the time interval in the audio file that contains the spoken segment. The backend is built on The Montreal Forced Aligner, and the language-specific models have been predominantly trained on naturally-occurring spontaneous speech.

A language-specific write-up with metrics can be accessed by clicking on the relevant language in the list.

How does it work?

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Nordic languages supported

 Danish (DanFA 3.0)
 Danish (DanFA 4.0 ⚠️ dev mode)
 Norwegian - Bokmål
 Swedish - Sweden

Other languages supported

 English - United Kingdom
 English - North America
 French - France
 French - Canada
 German - Germany

Future plans


A liberal deployment of the term "Nordic".

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